Manish Tilara Phoenix Media Lab

Hey, there. My name is Manish.

Everything I do, I aim to make it perfect and clear to understand. I believe in producing clean, elegant and beautiful work. Driven by passion and joy, I work flawlessly with people around world to make world better by design and thinking it differently.

I thoroughly enjoy discussing business and creative ideas with clients and visualizing them on paper. When I start working on any task, I value the deadlines and specifications of clients. Not only do I work fast and efficient, I ensure that I raise my standard of work everyday. When designing unique designs for clients, I aim high and I actually reach my aim!

I am multidisciplinary digital designer and illustrator with over 6 years of experience. I create web interfaces, ux & ui, brand identities, print graphics, icons, illustrations and typefaces. I love crafting beautiful, unique and elegant interfaces & graphics. I am mac addict and love the creative process, to see what can arise from ideas.

You can send your inquiries on this email address.


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